From field to radiator - a willow tree, fuel logs and a radiator

From field to radiator – sustainable heating specialists

We all know that we need to reduce our carbon footprint by producing less waste and using less of our planet’s precious natural resources, but there is a real danger that without proper information and professional advice, some of our best intentions can lead to all sorts of problems.

A simple way in which we can all reduce our carbon emissions is to use renewable sources of energy to heat our homes and places of work – but where do we go to get the help we need to understand which renewable energy sources are available to us, and how best to utilise them? Or how do we find out how best to integrate a new boiler or heat pump into our existing heating system?

There are many companies who want to sell us all manner of ‘green’ technologies but, in the main, they are only interested in selling their particular product; they may have little or no interest in how you will use it, or how it will work alongside your existing heating system. When things go wrong there is often little help available and all too often one supplier will point the finger at another, or at your installer – leaving you to navigate your way through the problems yourself.

Recognising the need for a company that could provide advice on all renewables and how best to integrate them into customer’s homes, Sustainable Heating Solutions UK Ltd was formed to offer just such a service. In fact we can even supply you with your fuel – a true ‘field to radiator’ service so to speak – covering every aspect of your heating requirements.

In this website you will find details of some of the products and services we are able to offer – and an opportunity to ask your own questions if you can’t find an answer on the site already.

Please take time to have a look around the information on the following pages, and, if you would like to talk further about your plans to reduce your carbon footprint (and your fuel bills!), please contact us – we’d be delighted to speak to you.

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